Moroccan Rugs
in Portland, OR

Our rugs bring your Portland home to life with rich colors, intricate design, and the warmth of traditional Berber weavings. We source high-end luxury heirloom rugs fit for the Modern Home. These well storied touchstones remind us how to come home to ourselves and create meaning in our environment. All rugs are sourced from female weaving-cooperatives in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

We’ve got the perfect addition of rugs for your Portland home. Undoubtedly, you are looking for something rare and singular, with a little personality. Our collection can fulfill the task. We deliver handmade, traditionally-crafted Moroccan rugs, brought straight from the artisans who crafted them. They are created in cultural custom using recycled clothing and wool from sheep that the weavers tend.  

With our Moroccan rugs, Portland homes come to life. They bask in rich colors, flourish with intricate design, and rest comfortably in the warmth of traditional Moroccan weavings. Your Moroccan rug will be the product of a craft passed down through generations of weavers that have perfected the process over centuries. It will be beautifully unique and solely yours.

Rugs to Portland, from Morocco, with love

At Modern Myth, we know Portland. Of course we do - it’s home. We understand the kinds of things Portlanders like and what makes them smile. We bring fascinating, hand-woven rugs, baskets, weavings, and other items from Moroccan artisans and cooperatives home because we know our neighbors will love the style and be excited about the cause. With our collection, you can escape from the dull, factory-made textiles we find ourselves picking up from the big chain stores close to home. We know. We’ve been there. We understand the feeling of choosing the most interesting rug off of a pile of its clones, all while sighing and secretly wishing for something with a story, a little bit of life, maybe even some meaning, and definitely a bit more individuality. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. No more boring, assembly-line rugs for your home décor because you can now step onto a rug that is a little more significant.

Moroccan rugs: Portland supporting independent artisans 

At Modern Myth, we get hyped about our venture because we are doing more than simply bringing Moroccan rugs to Portland. We get to be one of the bolsters of an amazing marketplace, supporting a traditional, Berber trade. Before arriving in Portland, the Moroccan rugs we source come directly from independent artists and female cooperatives. How can we be sure? We have no middle man or big corporation collecting items and sending them on. Modern Myth personally selects each rug included in our collection. We can verify the origin of each piece we have available and confirm the quality is high. By purchasing Moroccan rugs for your Portland home, you are supporting this cause and a Berber village that benefits dearly. You are helping families thrive, and keeping a long weaving tradition alive.  

See what rugs in Portland we have to offer 

So, if you’re on the lookout for a piece that’s a bit more inspired than the typical rug to be found in a big box shop, peruse the stunning array of Moroccan rugs we have available and connect with us, today. We know we have the right rug for your home just waiting for you to find it. Added bonus? All rugs in Portland, OR and the rest of the U.S. receive complimentary shipping.