Moroccan Vintage Rugs

Choose with confidence from Modern Myth's selection of vintage Moroccan area rugs as they're all sourced ethically & directly from artists & female cooperatives.  Quality is our top priority.  All rugs are one of a kind. 

Step barefoot into your bedroom, your living room, or perhaps your office. Feel the change in texture under your feet as you walk across the cool, hardwood and step onto the Moroccan rug that adorns your floor. Listen to the changing sound of your feet as they pad against the floor, and then become softly subdued by the patterned weaving. See the striking contrast between your Moroccan rug’s vibrant, living colors and the natural, earthy tones of your floor.

Modern Myth’s Moroccan Berber rugs can breathe life into any room. Whether your tastes are muted shades that soothe the soul, or bold hues that widen one’s eyes, an authentic Moroccan rug waits for you.

One of a kind Moroccan rugs

One of the greatest aspects of bringing home one of our Moroccan rugs is that it will be an incredibly unique addition to your home decor. It allows you to step away from the machine-made, assembly line madness that we often see on repeat, and smile with a calm satisfaction knowing that your piece is singularly yours. The rugs we source are well-made, able to stand up to the expected wear tear of simply living in your home. They are colored from natural plant dyes, and made with recycled clothing and wool that is shucked from the sheep which the weavers tend. It is easy to see the craft in each and every rug, their stories almost telling themselves, as they settle in with the rest of your home.

What else comes with an authentic Moroccan rug from Modern Myth?

When you purchase a Moroccan rug from Modern Myth, you gain more than just a beautiful addition for its chosen living space. You also make it known you are part of a community. The community we are talking about is one which shops ethically, and guilt-free knowing their purchase has truly made a difference to the family of the artisan that crafted it. It’s a community that sighs with peace of mind knowing their purchase wasn’t procured from a sweat shop driven by insatiable consumerism.

Explore our selection of hand-picked rugs

Peruse our selection and find the perfect addition to your home. When you’ve found the one that calls out to you, you can enjoy free shipping anywhere in the U.S., as our rugs ship free.