Moroccan Floor Cushions

Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind moroccan floor cushion made from  recycled rugs or an authentic leather Moroccan Pouf handmade in the tanneries of Marrakech, stitched & knotted with zipper backing. 

Go on, put your feet up on one of our hand-stitched, authentic Moroccan poufs. These pieces are wonderfully versatile and bring character to any room. Their knotted design is done by hand and their zipper backing means filling them is simple and straight forward. 

Our poufs are round and made from leather. Unstuffed for ease of shipping.  We recommend filling them with memory foam or shop our showroom at Urbanite in Portland OR for a fully stuffed leather pouf ready to go.  

Moroccan Poufs: Versatile, practical, and cool

One of the many aspects of our Moroccan poufs that make us swoon so well over them is that in addition to their cool, Bohemian style, the fact that they are hand-stitched, and are authentically tanned by seasoned artisans in Marrakech, they can also go almost anywhere and be used as almost anything. Many folks have their poufs sitting in their living rooms as comfortable footstools in front of the sofa, or even simply as additional seating. Picture yourself sitting cozy against your own pouf, with a fire glowing in the fireplace on a cold night, and a book in hand. Likewise, these beauties can make superb outdoor seating in the summer. Although, we’d suggest you bring them in at night!

Whether you pop yours next to your bedside in lieu of a nightstand, or have it situated in a cozy spot in your living room as an ottoman, you’ll love the new addition to your home furniture.

Buying more than a simple Moroccan pouf

By purchasing one of Modern Myth’s Moroccan poufs, you are doing more than simply acquiring an interesting addition to your living room furniture. You’re supporting a living, breathing community of artisans who have carried the craft forward for generations. At Modern Myth, we work directly with the cooperatives that create our designs. There is no middle man. Our direct approach ensures fairness in trade and removes any doubt as to the origin of our products.

Find a Moroccan pouf for your space

Take a look at the gorgeous selection we carry of Moroccan poufs and insert your own little taste of Marrakech into your living space.