Moroccan Blankets

All blankets woven inside the souks & madina's of Marrakech.  Made from cotton for a soft touch and woven with care.

Little else beats the feeling that hits your soul as you slink under your cozy blanket in bed at the end of a long day. At Modern Myth, we know (and appreciate!) the glorious feeling an amazing blanket can bring, so we pay special attention to the ones we source. Our Moroccan blankets are the perfect combination of warmth, comfort, and zest. They add life to your room, inspire vibrancy in your color scheme, and give relief to cold feet on a chilly night.

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Your bedroom should reflect who you are and provide you with a happy, peaceful hideaway. It’s important that you feel at ease, and that your living space encourages that. When you step into your bedroom, look around. From the walls, to the windows, to your dresser, and bed, you want your room to welcome you. A warm welcome is typical and traditional in Moroccan families, so your new Moroccan blanket may be just what you needed to come home to.

At Modern Myth, we source our Moroccan blankets directly from the artisans that have weaved them. Our direct approach to the supply chain means we can personally speak to the veracity of the origins of each blanket, as well as confirm that the quality of each piece is high and meets the expectations our customers have for us.

More than just a blanket

With your purchase of one of our beautiful Moroccan blankets, you’re doing more than simply injecting a bit of Morocco in your bedroom decor. You’re supporting a network of women artisans, benefiting from fair trade. You’re showing appreciation for an old craft that has been passed down for generations upon generations. You’re helping to bolster an incredible market that connects families across an ocean. Your purchase of a Moroccan blanket helps the Berber women who took part in its creation to continue their craft in their homes, near their families, among their fellow villagers.

Discover the Moroccan blankets we have to offer

If you would like to add a little more color than a coordinated, bagged bed set can offer, take a look at the unique stock of Moroccan blankets we have available for you.