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Size Matters: How to Select the Perfect Rug For Your Home

Size Matters: How to Select the Perfect Rug For Your Home - Modern Myth Decor

Modern Myth specializes in one-of-a-king vintage Moroccan rugs, which means their sizes can be as unique as the colors and designs. I often get asked how to choose the right size rug, so here’s a few rules of the thumb to consider! 

Give It Space

The biggest assumption I come across is that an area rug needs to cover the majority of your living room or bedroom. While this can be a stylistic choice, it’s not necessary at all! In fact, a large rug in a small space could leave it feeling cramped. It’s best to leave a bit of floor space showing on all sides so that the rug stands on its own, which will offer a sense of spaciousness. 

Plays Well With Others

When determining the right size rug you want, consider how it will relate visually and functionally to other aspects of your home. For example, when styling a loft or open living space, placing rugs strategically can delineate a large room. If you’re looking to tie your living room together with an area rug, consider choosing a rug slightly longer than your couch, and grounding the rug with the feet of the sofa. You could also opt for a smaller area rug that fits under a coffee table to create an appealing focus in the center of the room. 

Layer Up

If you have your heart set on a certain rug that isn't wide enough for your purposes, an easy solution is to layer it on top of a larger jute rug. They come in all shapes and sizes and the flat pile of jute is a great compliment to our plusher Moroccan rugs. The jute rug acts as a base layer that can establish the perfect footprint to delineate a living room or cover ground in a bedroom. Then you’ll have more freedom to layer your Moroccan rug where you wish for that pop of color and texture. 

Have more questions we didn’t cover? Get in touch!