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Modern Myth

Modern Myth - Modern Myth Decor

The myth of the nomad is freedom. The assumption most make is they exist without a home; my time spent with nomadic peoples has assured me otherwise. To be a nomad is to curate life with intentional spaces, carried with you wherever you go. A communal web of belonging, these spaces connect you to yourself, each other, and the earth.  Nomadic peoples carry their history in pieces, woven memories of sanctuary in a storied tradition.  This is the journey of creating a home.

Music, art and tradition hold space we each richly deserve to inhabit. The Berbers of North Africa have remained my true inspiration since 2017, but all indigenous peoples offer me an incentive to value handmade items. Such items contain a living history; made from simple materials. They bring a sense of both treasure and preciousness beyond adornment. These pieces are touchstones of integrity that endure and remind us of the power of intention.

I travel to learn the stories of these craftspeople and their work to shape my own perspective on place, purpose and belonging. Modern Myth shares that experience with you as we build beautiful spaces of belonging together.

Modern Myth is here to support you on your journey to create a landscape of poetry within your home, composed of timeless and specially chosen handmade goods from around the world. Through relics, stories are brought forward in both beauty and utility, woven into our culture and collective identity. Employing an aesthetic that senses your need for self and sanctuary in everyday life, Modern Myth uses heirloom design to remind us that we belong to the richness of the earth - grounded and rejuvenated, we mark tomorrow’s journey in the night sky.