Traditional Moroccan Bread Basket


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Every house you enter in Morocco there is the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread, a staple food to eat meat & vegetables. Follow the Moroccans' lead or store anything your heart desires.  This basket holds a unique shape, that's got character to boot. 

Traditional coiled Moroccan bread basket with separate top & bottom
Material from natural raffia fibers
Hand made in villages on the outskirts of Marrakech Morocco
A staple basket in every Moroccans home
Traditionally used to keep freshly baked bread warm
Adds an artisan touch to any space
Baskets vary in exact shape and size

 sizes may vary  


Moroccan Bread Basket
hand woven bread basket from Morocco
bottom of woven basket
basket glamour shot in Morocco

Imagine the smell of freshly baked bread, its sweet scent filling your nose as you walk into your front door. In Morocco, every home you enter will greet you in this way, with the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread hanging in the air. Just like the common smell of bread, our Moroccan bread baskets are a common sight inside every Moroccan home. They sit on top of tables, surrounded by homemade meals, complementing the spices of the meats and seasonings of the vegetables. They are passed around, from family member to family, with each person picking out the piece of bread to accompany their dishes.

Our Moroccan bread baskets are handmade in villages all along the outskirts of Marrakech. They are traditionally coiled, with material from natural raffia fibers. As each basket is carefully crafted and woven by hand, no two are the exact same, with their sizes and shapes varying slightly.

Moroccan bread baskets befitting of any space

While Moroccans traditionally use these bread baskets to maintain the temperature of the bread for their meals, the beauty of these baskets is that they are versatile and can be used in most any way you desire. Stick to tradition and keep dinner buns fresh out of the oven in your Moroccan bread basket, or keep it on display and add an artisan touch anywhere in the home.

Moroccan bread baskets for a cause

When you have purchased one of our traditional Moroccan bread baskets, you are helping to support the very communities that have made them. At Modern Myth, we source our products directly from women artist cooperatives, so no middle man is involved. We know the exact origin of each of the baskets we have, and know that the artisans who have created them directly benefit from the trade. With your purchase, you are supporting Berber families and encouraging their craft.

If your coffee table is missing that certain something…

Take a look at the items we have to offer and bring home your own piece of Morocco, whether it’s a traditional Moroccan bread basket, or another unique item from our shelves.

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Moroccan bread basket

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