Moroccan Wall Hangings & Decorations

Hand woven vintage wall hangings and small rugs from female-cooperatives, each one of a kind.

You know that feeling you get when you have just set up a room at home exactly how you’ve always wanted? It’s like a mixture of happiness, excitement, with a side of calm, and accomplishment? Imagine piecing together that perfect little corner of your living room, or finding that splendid showcase piece for your bedroom, with one of our Moroccan wall hangings. Whether your tastes are simple and reserved, or you prefer things to be a bit more striking and loud, we are sure the perfect wall hanging awaits you.

Moroccan wall decorations to inspire you

We all want our homes to reflect our unique tastes, long may they serve to inspire us. Being able to appreciate the home décor on your wall for its personality and intrigue can sometimes be the tiny stimulus that’s needed to add spark to your step after a long day, or to help motivate you to get out the door in the mornings. Amidst each of our Moroccan wall decorations, an intimate tale is woven – a tale of families, a tale of women, a tale of a craft that has survived thousands of years, and passed through generations.

Each of our Moroccan wall hangings is handmade, using upcycled materials by a cooperative of women weavers. They are versatile as well, so you can use yours as a small throw rug and be confident that it will hold up to normal household wear and tear.

Moroccan wall hangings: More than a simple piece of home décor

In addition to having a truly unique piece of art for your home décor, every item you purchase from Modern Myth supports a community of Berber women from the High Atlas Mountains. You are helping these families by giving them the resources to stay at home, comfortable in their villages. It allows them to travel less to the city to market their wears, and stay focused on the things that matter in life – home, family, and security. Everything in our stock is bought directly from the artisans themselves, which means no middle man. It also means that we maintain the integrity of the process by directly sourcing quality, unique pieces without a doubt about their origin.

Take a look at our beautiful Moroccan wall decorations

We are sure you will find the perfect addition for your walls amongst our Moroccan wall hangings. See which one inspires you.