Moroccan Baskets

Hand woven made from natural raffia fibers

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They provide a gentle escape from the world, a place for us to land, and lay down our heads. It only makes sense that when we arrive home, we want to see ourselves reflected in our environment. Our Moroccan Berber baskets are a wonderfully unique addition to your home. Whether settled in the corner and supported by a graceful plant stand, full of interesting artifacts and displayed loudly in the middle of your coffee table, or taking the fruit bowl’s stead on the kitchen counter, a raffia basket makes the perfect accent piece.

Hand-woven raffia baskets

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of our Moroccan baskets is that they are uniquely hand woven from natural raffia fibers. These are not cheap, fall apart pieces piled up on the bottom shelf of a chain store’s décor aisle. They are not one of hundreds, spat out of a soulless machine in a factory. The baskets we source are each made with pointed attention and focused care. They are brought to life by seasoned artisans who have learned the craft on a culmination of thousands of years of history, upon generations of families.

We have different baskets for different tastes. You can pick up a basket that is vibrantly decorated with striking colors. They will draw out other hues from the room and bring focus to where ever they are set. If you prefer softer, more neutral tones, we have gorgeous baskets in natural raffia that will complement any space they occupy.

A Berber basket. A Berber cause

With your purchase of one of our beautifully-crafted Moroccan baskets, you are doing more than gaining a piece of home décor. You are supporting a community of Berber artisans and their families. You are helping a mother fill her own baskets with bread. You are giving a grandmother needed medication. You are helping a schoolgirl get her books and paper. You are showcasing an amazing craft built on a long and ancient tradition.

See the splendid Moroccan baskets we have to offer

Take a look at the carefully selected baskets we have available, and decide which one belongs in your home.