The Boucherouite Collection

An eco friendly rug knotted with recycled clothes from villages in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  Directly sourced from artisan women. Three woven a year.

With bold lines, and a geometric flair, Boucherouite rugs spark life into any room. These tribal rugs come with an individual presence that make it easy to see why their popularity has flourished in recent years. Boucherouite rugs are traditional, authentically woven masterpieces by Berber communities located across the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These rugs are incredibly warm and plush, adding great comfort to tremendous style. They also benefit from eco-friendly weaving and include recycled clothing.

Your style. Your Boucherouite rug

Boucherouite rugs are high-quality pieces, well able to stand the wear and tear of regular household use. Picture your living room, made cozy with the perfect addition of a Boucherouite rug juxtaposed against a sleek couch and hardwood. As you walk across the floor, your feet will love the feeling of the wool popping up between your toes, as its softness caresses the soles.

The best part of these rugs is that they are truly each their own. Because of the genuine handmade nature of them, no two lines are drawn exactly the same, and no two patterns have the exact repetition. Your rug has its own personality and essence.

More than just a Boucherouite Rug

Your purchase of one of Modern Myth’s rugs means more than just proof of your good taste. When you buy an authentically woven, woolen Boucherouite rug, you are supporting an ethical, eco-friendly trade that empowers women artisans from several Berber communities. They have perfected their craft, having passed it through generations.

At Modern Myth, we acquire each piece in our shop directly from the source. There is never question of their origin, and we personally know each and every item we have stocked. Such a connected approach allows us to stay focused on our passion of bolstering this trade, and lets us speak to the veracity and authenticity of our pieces.

Seek out the right Boucherouite rug for your living space

Take a look at all the amazing Boucherouite rugs Modern Myth has to offer, and snatch up the one that speaks to you. We offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. for customers that have purchased a rug.